"Perfect" BBQ Chicken Pizza

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It took more than a few tries, but we finally got this DOWN. Backcountry pizza. You can use these instructions to make pizza with any toppings you like, but our favorite at the moment is BBQ chicken pizza. It's easy to prep and it's just about guaranteed to be devoured at happy hour. 

Pizza is one of those dishes that causes endless trouble on a camp stove. Initially I thought it would be easy but trying to get the cheese to melt without burning the crust is a real challenge. Using fresh dough or fancy cooking techniques (twiggy fire!) hasn't produced the results I wanted. Your best bet? Stick to the pre-made Boboli pizza crusts - and invest in a camp stove that has a nice low simmer. 


1 pack BBQ Chicken (I buy the box at Trader Joes and remove the excess packaging)
1 twin-pack of small sized boboli pizza crusts
6 oz mozzarella cheese 

Cooking Supplies

1 pan - has to fit the boboli pizza crust 
1 knife 
Stove with a good "low" setting 
Aluminum foil to cover the pan **IMPORTANT**

     At Home

Basically nothing. Everything is pre packaged! Score!

At Camp

Turn the stove on low and place the plain pizza crust upside-down in the pan. Heat the crust gently, and move the pan every 30 seconds or so to prevent it from burning in any one spot. This step is crucial to melting the cheese. 

While the crust pre-heats, break up the chunks of chicken through the wrapper. Cut off the corner of the bag, and break up the cheese into small pieces if it's solidified. 

Once the crust is just warmed through (about 5 min), remove the pan from the stove and flip it right side up. Working quickly, spread 1/2 of the chicken and 1/2 the cheese on the pizza. Cover the pan with foil, and put it back over the heat. As before, adjust the pan's position frequently so it does not burn in one spot. 

As soon as the cheese begins to melt, remove from the heat and allow to sit for ~3 minutes. This is usually enough to melt the cheese the rest of the way - the the crust will be crispy but with any luck, not burned!